We offer tuition and the facilities for young students to perform and record in our studios in their own band! Own the stage with JT Rocks


Our rascals program teaches toddlers and pre-schoolers the initial steps of rhythm and music making in a fun and imaginative way.


As well as our tuition in various instruments, choirs and clubs. We also offer a range of music workshops for Nursery and Pre-School.  


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At JT Rocks we teach kids who are already adapt in their instrument how to collaborate and perform with other musicians. Come along and learn how to create the music you love as part of a band. 


The next JT Rocks session will run every second Friday at our studios in Strathaven.

Age 9+    £65 for Block of 8 Sessions 

Plus performance and videos!




Nursery Workshop

A four week workshop where we head out to a nursery and teach the kids the basics of music. Each week of this workshop covers a different skill, such as rhythm, basic notation, singing and instrument knowledge. 

Rhythm Rascals 

This workshop runs every Wednesday morning from 12pm - 2:15pm during term time. 

Using teachings from the Kodaly music method, your little rascal will be sure to learn loads about music without even realising it! 

4 classes - 12 - 12:45 pm (ages 3+)

                    1:30 -2:15 pm (ages 3+)

Ages 18 months to pre-school   

£4.50/class or £35 for a block of 10

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Exams are very beneficial, especially to children who are very result driven and work best with more formal lessons focused around exam syllabuses. These exams are also hugely helpful in higher grades, where from Grade 6 upwards pupils can earn UCAS points for passing exams.


LCM Entry Fees 2020

(+£5 fee when booking through J.T Music)


RGT Exam Sessions + Exam Fees 2020 

(+£5 fee when booking through J.T Music)